Is Idaho development following California’s overgrown path?

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Is Idaho development following California’s overgrown path?

Post by oneopinion » Tue Jan 02, 2018 10:29 pm

I have been in Idaho for seven years. During this time I have learned that people from my native state of California are not universally loved and embraced. But let’s face it: More and more Californians are making their way – fleeing, as it were – to Idaho.

One type of Californian which I truly hope that Idahoans will be very wary of is the land developer. Land developers sing a siren song of increased tax base and improved land usage, and leave in their wake acre upon acre of destroyed farmland, traffic gridlock, compact living space, and stressed infrastructures and schools. Believe me, when they are finally through, there will not be an inch of open land left in Southern Idaho. Think locusts.

Two favorite refrains with which to identify typical developer mentality are “progress” and “people have to have somewhere to live.” If you hear your friends or acquaintances uttering these bromides, please take a minute to teach them the ugly facts of overdevelopment. Remember, many developers have never seen farmland, or even an empty lot, that they did not covet. The Treasure Valley will be unrecognizable to native Idahoans within the next 20 years if developers, Californian or not, have their way. And, overall, developers are highly aggressive, highly persuasive people who prey quite successfully on local officials’ naivete and greed. ... rylink=cpy

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Re: Is Idaho development following California’s overgrown path?

Post by JP Jones » Wed Jan 03, 2018 1:13 pm

Unfortunately, her warnings are too little and too late. When the Mrs and I retire, in the not too distant future, we have residentially(I know not a real word) located close to shopping and other things we like that should help us to not need travel great distances frequently during rush hourS.

My biggest concern is crime as our population swells and we get packed into this valley like rats. A close second is water and air pollution - do we have enough of the former and will we get too much of the latter?

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